Amanda Ljunggren is a Swedish textile artist & model
She has a background of working in Set and prop making - Shona Heath, Andy Hillman, Amy Friend - as well as many years working as a model in the fashion industry - Vogue, Balenciaga, Gucci - 
Amanda plays with the idea that dressing someone is like painting with texture & shape. Something that she experienced at the hands of Alessandro Michele, working with Gucci as a model during their fashion shows and campaigns. “It was as if he was painting with clothes & all these characters would come to life. He had the ability to see in someone what they did not yet see themselves and amplify those traits.”This is at the core of what Amanda wishes to express through her work. 
The pieces are all designed, drafted and hand made by Amanda herself. She strongly believes in taking part of the full process, honing the craft and pushing the boundaries of handmade crochet, knitwear and embroidery 
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