Summer dresses 
with the gentle silk embroidery it is recommended to only hand wash 
this garment gently and take care not to rub the embroidered choke 
these dresses likes being stored on a hanger

Hang outside to air when needed 
due to the nature of the chunky stitching these are not washable and shouldn't get wet
these vests likes being stored folded

Wool garments
Wool takes better care of itself than anyone else could. If you hang your clothes loosely and uncovered for at least 24 hours the wool will take care of itself. It's best to dangle your shirt outside in the fresh air between wears as wool is not the biggest fan of wet washes. 
Wool garments likes being stored folded up
Only wet wash by hand using a wool soap if absolutely necessary and make sure the water isn't warmer than 20 degrees. The wool will change as it gets wet so make sure to dry it properly laid flat to reduce the stretch or shrinkage that wetting the garment can introduce.  
you can always get in touch with us if you aren't sure what to do
Amanda Ljunggren does not take responsibility for any wool garments changes that are caused by washing the garment as this is the nature of the natural wool fibre used in the designs.

cotton t-shirts
Wash garment inside out. Only wash your garment when needed on a cold cycle. Do not tumble dry .Iron your garment inside out
cotton t-shirts likes being stored folded up

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