custom made jumper for Buffalo no.15

Pink is a paradox. It has been gendered, hyper-feminised and become a totem for all things cute. At the same time, pink has been reframed as a disruptive tool for political activists. Pink is religious, holy, and pure, but pink is also punk.
For our fifteenth issue Buffalo Zine puts on a bubblegum pink quinceañera ball gown. We take a strawberry-flavoured sugar overdose, diving into a rosé world. Absolutely adorable! But this is also an issue that reflects on the normalisation of our culture’s infantile tendencies, the shift in traditional gender roles and the crisis of an outdated version of manhood.
Photography: Grant James Thomas 
Fashion @taticotliar 
Creative Consultant @munns.ashley
Hair @palberdahl using @oribe
Make up @igavaseline using @glossier
Set @juliadiasstudio at @canvasrepresents
Movement @katie__ku
Casting @dear.shah
Talent: @isaacplowright and @brynthomasjones at @identitychanged
@avankendall at @kidslondon ; Amanda,
Michelle, Pam via @starnow , @sanna.kelly
@appioktong at @models1 ; @shugegeshu and
Suleyman at @xdirectn ; Chloe Macpaggal:
@elliegrist at @milkmodelmanagement ; @eliza_goldsmith , @a1jewel0310 , and @ralf__________________________
at @antiagencyldn , @evieharris02  at @premiermodels ; @juicyfuckingj :
@ascon_g1 at @chaptermgmt ; @kitan.sogo at @imgmodels ;
@kofi_barber at @777castingmanagement .
Photo Asst @freddie_or_what
Fashion Ass's @keeleyjdawson , Marta Jimeno , Josefina Martin, @juicyfuckingj ,
Adriana Romero
Research Assts @inthenameofjc
and @lucyevanns
Hair Asst @piaxmaria
and @myujisato
Make up asst @simonasvantnerova_
Production Asst @elskaleeloo
Post Production @inkretouch 
Graphic Consultant @alcatrazadam
Special thanks to @vicky.chasiokova , Martin , Graham,
Gary and @tonibell_icecreamvan

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