the CARTWHEEL | 2020
Cartwheel Scarves | 21x21 inches | Lino block print on Cotton
Hand printed scarves in nine colour combinations

The Cambridge Dictionary explains cartwheels as
‘a fast, skilful movement like a wheel turning, in which you throw yourself sideways onto one hand, then onto both hands with your legs and arms straight and your legs pointing up, before landing on your feet again’
In the Slangphabet it’s often referred to as ‘being happy or feeling good’ 
For me it’s the bodily expression of happiness and strength. 
Throwing your feet in the air and extending your limbs to their full potential.  
Expressing a nurtured body and soul.
It’s such an organic expression yet one of the most extreme. 
A nurtured body and soul.
This design is also available in a Lino Print edition of 25 | A3

picture gallery courtesy of Adebayo Bolaji, Liz Ord, Friday O'Flaherty, David Nehmè, Dijana Krnjajic, Victoria Spicer, Amy Ward, Elisabeth Ljunggren, Torbjörn Ljunggren, Joseph Mercer Holland, Linda Paterson, Rebecca Mercer and Vince Holden
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